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Ayurvedic treatment programmes often begin with the cleansing process of Panchakarma, which aims to purify the body and restore youth.

The Panchakarma sequence is the biggest attraction of health tourism in India and certainly the technique for which the state of Kerala is famous. Every Kairali centre offers the chance to renew one’s sense of wellbeing with a practice that has remained unchanged for thousands of years.

Special medicated oils are used in combination with purgation, enemas, steam therapy and Ayurvedic massage, to remove toxins and restore balance in the doshas. The process is intense and transformative. Guests benefit from a quiet atmosphere, special diet with gentle yoga and meditation, available at our retreat and treatment centre.

Govardhan Ayurveda offers numerous other detoxification programmes, all based on traditional practice and oriented around specific health aims, such as stress relief, arthritis, sinusitis, migraine, post pregnancy care, beauty and weight loss programmes.

• Ayurvedic massages for complete detox
• Feel rejuvenated through Ayurvedic therapies
• Get revitalized with specialty Ayurvedic massage
• Ayurveda offers Panchkarma as a natural detoxification therapy