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Pathmeda GoshalaLast month a team of 3 members visited the famous Goshala (Cow barn) in Pathmeda, Rajasthan. Famous for its traditional cow care, the Pathmeda trust has over 1,20,000 cows spread over 72 branches in the states of Gujarath and Rajasthan. In the main branch in Pathmeda, the Goshala houses over 10,000 cows.

The specialty of this Goshala is the personal care that they offer to many sick and disabled cows. Though only 350 cows are milk-yielding cows, the trust is ensuring quality care for the cows. Inspiring the villagers to take care of cows, each cowherd is given responsibility of 50-60 cows and one milking cow is also given for his maintenance. The Goshala also manufactures many cow products like Gomutraarka, Ghanvati, churna etc. Setting a wonderful example of cow protection this Goshala is indeed an inspiration for the world to follow.

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  1. ramesh says:

    dear sir i love to buy cows from all over india for that what to do . please help

  2. avijit saha says:

    please send your office address at delhi i want collect you product, because i am spine patient so please help me