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Govardhan Ayurveda

For an individual to attain a perfect health, Ayurveda has laid down certain principles. The primary one is to maintain a perfect balance between the body, mind, soul and social wellbeing. Going through the Ayurvedic texts, thoughts and practices one can, in fact, link the concepts of balance and connectedness towards attaining a perfect stature. Similar to other holistic health systems, Ayurveda too stresses on the entrenched connections between the body, mind and soul.

Govardhan Ayurveda too believes in treating individuals holistically by establishing a deep-rooted connection between the body, mind and soul. Being nestled in the beautiful and untouched geography by the modern world, Govardhan Ayurveda provides a vast range of specific Ayurvedic treatments, with the belief that each individual has its own set of doshas. As per Ayurveda, people are born with prakruti, a specific constitution, which is established during the stage of conception and is considered as a unique combination of physical and psychological characteristics that affect the way each individual functions.

At Govardhan Ayurveda, our experienced Ayurvedic doctors execute the treatment considering ‘Prakruti Analysis’ as the base. With vast experience that our doctors carry in Ayurvedic medicine, the consultation offered by them is at par with any other well known ayurvedic doctor and conduct a thorough physical examination and interview to meet every individual’s personal health goals.