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Iris Kühnlein

Iris Kühnlein is a sustainability researcher, writer, consultant and entrepreneur who works with socio-ecological projects and entrepreneurship both at a personal and community level. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences from University College of Maastricht (Netherlands) and a master’s degree in Environment & Sustainable Development from University College London (London).

Iris Kühnlein lives in Brazil, where she runs a natural and homemade cosmetics brand. She enjoys developing natural and biodegradable products which value local resources and help raise awareness on our ecological footprint and everyday habits.

She is also a hatha yoga instructor and is interested in tools for self-transformation, meditation, herbalism, deep ecology and how to make a transition towards a more sustainable and harmonious life on Earth.

Presented by – Iris Kühnlein

Date: 28thSept – 29th Sept 2018

Location: Govardhan Ecovillage, P.O. Box Hamrapur, Tal: Wada, Dist: Palghar

Contact: 8291957160; Email:

Starts: Friday, 28th of September, at 10:00am.
Finishes: Saturday, 29th September at 10am.

AC Room – charges Rs. 5000 per head
Non-AC Room Common toilet / bath – Rs. 4000 per head

Last date for registration 24th Sept 2018

Learn how to make your own natural cosmetics and self-care routines that will make you have a healthier and more positive relationship between body, mind and soul.

This one and a half day workshop will introduce you to aromatherapy, how to apply essential, how to make herbal extracts and products for skin and soul care. These include:

  • facial lotions
  • body creams
  • herbal balms
  • scrubs
  • herbal remedies
  • baby and child care products.


  • A comprehensive manual with step-by-step instructions.
  • samples made in class.
  • certificate.
  • a yoga and meditation session.
  • 4 sattvic meals.