Eco Workshops

Govardhan Ecovillage can be a great fun filled place to learn! With a plethora of activities and massive scope for learning, Govardhan Ecovillage is an ideal location for field trips and educational trips. Keeping in mind schools and other student groups who are looking for a fun-filled learning experience, Govardhan Ecovillage offers specially designed courses for its young visitors. Are you a city dweller desiring to be a budding organic farmer? Or are you a seasoned farmer willing to make the giant leap into the world of chemical free farming? Govardhan Eco village has a vast experience in Organic Farming and today show cases some of the popular practices in Organic Farming. We also conduct introductory courses in Organic Farming that includes interacting with real farmers.Whether you are a cow lover or an organic farmer willing to keep nature’s miracle organic fertilizer factory here is the course for you. Learn the basics of cow care.Govardhan Ecovillage also offers workshops on mud construction technologies. Explore the world of low carbon footprint buildings in our green buildings workshop.Please note that conducting of courses is subjected to the availability of our faculty.

School trips

Every educator would agree that there is so much to learn in the great outdoors, whether on a one-day outing, or a week-long school trip. Learners gain so much practical and theoretical knowledge when they experience the inner workings of the environment first hand.

Field trips and class outings are a big part of the learning our kids do in school. We all remember the excitement of going on a field trip. Armed with our packed lunches and inquisitive minds, we set off on worldly adventures, returning with invaluable knowledge, precious memories and fantastical stories.

These trips are vital for students to learn how things work and what they do in real life. But what is even more important is making sure that the future generation realises the environmental consequences of their actions. The children are our future, and we need them to imbibe the green culture! Govardhan Eco Village offers a unique and exciting learning experience in natural living. Explore more below.

School Trip Schedule



  • Go-shala
  • Organic Farming
  • Soil Bio-Technology Sewage Recycling plant
  • Bio-diversity Garden(Nursery)
  • Bio gas



Orientation Session

The students will be introduced to eco-friendly living as practised in GEV i.e. Simple Living and High Thinking. The orientation session will help the students to grasp concepts like organic farming, alternative energy, animal care, rain water harvesting, Green Building Technologies and waste water recycling. Relevant Audio Visual aids will help the students understand the concept of natural living and contributing to the environment in a positive way.


  • Purpose of GEV
  • Activities at GEV
  • What is eco-friendly living?
  • EGO Living Vs ECO Living
  • GEV – a model eco-friendly community model
  • Organic farming
  • Alternative Energy
  • Animal Protection
  • Soil Bio Technology – Sewage water treatment plant
  • Green Building Technologies
  • Rain water harvesting

Goshala Tour


  • Rope free Goshala
  • Separate area for Cows, Bulls, Calves
  • Cows feed on nutritious diet
  • No cross breeding to maintain pedigree
  • Homeopathy and Naturopathy treatment also being explored
  • Bulls used for internal transportation and ploughing


  1. Different zones within Goshala
  2. Calf Area
  3. ADPM Set up


  1. Vision of GEV Animal care
  2. Natural sustainable system of Land & Cow
  3. How GEV is demonstrating this concept


  1. Brush calves and cows
  2. Feed Cows, bulls and calves


SBT Tour

Soil Biotechnology is a national level award winning project for water protection


  • Patented by IITB
  • Chemical free sewage treatment. Completely Eco-friendly
  • Highly scalable
  • Produces recycled water used for irrigation
  • Potentially can produce 2Tons of Biomass


  1. Various stages in the plant
  2. Primary treatment unit consisting of an perforated screen and gravity settling tank and an equalization tank.
  3. Plant bed ecosystem
  4. Treated water collection tank.


  1. How modern chemical based sewage treatment is detrimental for environment
  2. Water vs. Soil concept for waste treatment
  3. How SBT functions based on a soil model?
  4. Advantages of Natural Soil Bio Technology based sewage water treatment over chemical based sewage treatment.


Biodiversity Garden Tour

Students are taken on a stroll through GEV’s Biodiversity Garden that houses over 500 varieties of plants.


  • Completely organically grown
  • GEV (Sahyadri Mountain ranges) is in top ten biodiversity hotspots in the world


  1. Various areas like mother plants, forest plants, lotus ponds, production area


  1. Importance of protecting biodiversity
  2. Flora and Fauna in GEV
  3. Various plant propagation methods used in GEV


Biogas Plant Tour

Visit to the Biogas plant


  • Cow dung when digested anaerobically produces methane gas, which is a good fuel
  • Gas can be used to produce electricity or as a fuel in kitchen
  • The left over slurry is a top class organic fertilizer
  • A new pre-digester added to facilitate use of banana and potato peels.


    1. Various stages of Biogas plant
      • Digestion takes place in 3 stages
      • Stage I in digester 1,2 – where methane + CO2 is produced – 1 day
      • Stage II in digester 3,4 – where methane is produced – 3 to 4 days
      • Stage III in digester 5 – where all the left over methane is produced – 15 days
  1. Slurry pit


  1. Advantages of Biogas in rural India
  2. How Biogas plant forms a link between goshala and agriculture
  3. Biogas slurry and introduction to chemical free farming


Organic Farming Tour

A first hand look at growing food with out using chemicals


  • Use of Permanent raised beds – won us a place among top 100 agri innovators in India
  • ONLY organic farming, NO chemicals
  • GEV research and training in traditional farming practices


  1. Permanent raised beds
  2. Various vegetables growing there, Kusa grasses etc
  3. Pheromone traps, light traps, marigold plants – some basic chemical free pest control techniques
  4. Rice lands near main entrance, grass lands next to goshala
  5. Composting setup


  1. Organic farming techniques
  2. Dangers of chemical based farming. Organic Vs Chemical farming
  3. Hazards of consuming chemical farming food
  4. GEV’s role in promoting organic farming, Seed bank creation, Rice protection etc


Vedic Cooking

This session helps the students understand this science behind food and cooking.


  • food & consciousness
  • foods in different modes
  • eating healthy & tasty
  • eating organic food
  • different types of fuels
  • karma free diet

Food is the first essential part of our life. The first stage of realization of the nature of reality involves understanding our relationship with food. Without food, others like life air, mind and intelligence cannot function. Psychic make-up depends upon body chemistry and body chemistry is directly influenced by food input. Food is not just fuel for our bodies – it is as much alive as we are.

Cowdung Plastering

This session helps the students to know the importance of Cow dung in our daily lives.


  • Importance of Cow
  • Importance of Cow dung & Cow urine


  • Cow dung plastering(On the floor)
Cow dung has been in use for centuries as plastering agent which is antiseptic and anti bacterial in its properties.

Organic Farming Workshop

Govardhan Eco Village presents a number of courses on organic farming and gardening. Instructed by qualified experts, these courses offer some of the best information on organic farming. Offering live demonstrations, these courses offer realistic practical solutions to the participants.

It’s perfect for farmers who are ready to make the complete transition to organic and for those interested in simply integrating more sustainable methods into their current farming system. Just want to learn more about how organic farming works? The course can help there, too.

Workshops and presentations are the tools we use to sow the seeds of farming in people’s hearts and minds. ​We conduct several workshops at different times of the year, as well as some tailored for children and specific groups who request us. Pl find below some of the topics covered offered in Organic farming.

Basic course on ORGANIC FARMING


  • Need for Organic farming
  • Local seed varieties Vs. Hybrid seeds
  • Organic Pest control
  • Irrigation Methods
  • Organic fertilizers
  • Tour and live demo of Organic Farming at GEV

Advanced course on ORGANIC FARMING


  • Organic Pesticides
  • Vedic rainfall prediction techniques
  • Permanent Raised Beds
  • Making your own Organic fertilizer
  • Weed Control – Mulching, etc.
  • Water management – Micro-sprinklers, Drip irrigation
  • Seed treatment
  • Choosing crops for a season
  • Crop rotation
  • Tour and live demo of Organic Farming at GEV

Organic Farming @ Home


  • Need for Organic farming
  • Basics of Square Foot gardening
  • LAYOUT – Design your garden
  • BOXES – How to build?, Different options
  • AISLES – makes ur life easy
  • SOIL – most important
  • GRID – Dividing the space
  • CARE – What to and what not to?
  • TRELLISES – To support
  • SELECT – what to grow?
  • PLANT – How to plant?
  • WATER – How much?
  • HARVEST – when to?
  • Tour and live demo of Organic Farming at GEV

Permanent Raised Beds


  • Need for PRB
  • Raw materials Needed
  • Designing your plot
  • Companion planting
  • Organic Pest control
  • Efficient Irrigation systems
  • Crop rotation
  • Tour and live demo of Permanent Raised Beds at GEV


Start your Organic Garden


  • Basics of soil ecology
  • How to grow a healthy kitchen garden
  • Making raised beds – practical session
  • Mulching – practical session
  • Making a pot mixture – practical demo session
  • Kitchen Waste Composting (Demo)
  • Tour and live demo of Permanent Raised Beds at GEV
  • Q&A session

Minimum Group size for all courses : 20

Cow Care Workshop

Interact with the experts at Govardhan Ecovillage and learn the art of taking care of Cows. This Cow Care workshop is custom made for those who want to take the serious step of starting a goshala. The topics covered are:

  • Holy Cow
  • Principles of Cow care
  • Identifying a good Cow
  • Goshala design and salient features
  • General & Health Care
  • Mating & Pregnency Care
  • Taking care of calves
The workshop includes GOSEVA, where the participants get to render hands-on service to the Cows at the Govardhan Ecovillage Goshala.

Minimum Group Size : 10

Green Building Workshop

Do you ever dream of building your own mud house? Our green buildings workshop will help you do so. Conducted by the experts at Govardhan Ecovillage, the workshop covers the following aspects:

  • Introduction to Green Buildings
  • Modern buildings Vs Traditional buildings
  • Types of earthen Homes
  • Making Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks
  • Making Adobe bricks
  • Preparing the Cob mix
  • Basics of making a Cob house
  • Traditional art to decorate your home
Minimum Group size : 30

Our Organisation

Govardhan Ecovillage is a non-profit initiative founded by H.H. Radhanath Swami, a teacher of bhakti-yoga for over 40 years, and student of His Divine Grace A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, founder-acharya of the International Society for Krishna consciousness.

Govardhan Ecovillage Galtare, Hamrapur (P.O),
Wada (Taluka), Palghar (District) – 421303, Maharashtra, India (+91) 916-720-4666 (9AM–6PM).


An outstanding example of dedicated effort at using natures forces to enable man to live in harmony with her landscape. Mud stabilised blocks are energy efficient. SBT is low  energy sewage treatment. All examples to be scaled up to enable India’s progress to be environmentally sustainable. Request to team with Forest Departtment to adopt Galtare/Nane villages to promote regeneration of forest and sustainable forest. I feel privileged.
Praveen Pardeshi, Principal secretary Forest

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