A Brief look at Women Empowerment Initiatives -

A Brief look at Women Empowerment Initiatives

By Govardhan Ecovillage February 11, 2019

Women from nearby villages engaging in some activity ensuring their participation to the maximum. Govardhan Ecovillage entirely supports Women’s Empowerment enhancing their quality of life and creating gender equality.


e now have about 200 Self-help groups who are part of our project and we have been regularly conducting their self-help group meetings and helping them with their bank accounts. The next step was capacity building and income generating activity which is the need of every rural women as they want to learn skills which will help them to support them financially. So the women have been given various training programs for Diya painting, sewing and tailoring, incense making and handicrafts. The need was felt to have a workshop area to upgrade the skills of sewing and tailoring.

Women’s empowerment


omen’s empowerment is to motivate and develop women by promoting their participation in all areas and sectors, to build stronger economies, enhance their quality of life and bring gender equality with equal amount of opportunities. It’s to help them to take their own decisions by breaking all their personal rules that the society and their family has created for them. It’s to make them independent in all aspects from thought, mind, decision, wealth and to bring equality in society.

SHG Monthly Meetings in Different Villages


n the month gone by 4 meetings were conducted in Guhir, Posheri, Amgaon By Govardhan Ecovillage’s Welfare team for the existing SHGs which were attended by 45 members. The agenda of the meeting was 1) Informing the members about various government schemes 2) Das-sutri training 3) IGA training 4) Monthly savings and internal loan repayment issues.

New SHG Formation


new SHG in Potkhalpada village of Vikramgad block was formed comprising of 15 women. It was named Renuka Mata Svayam Sahayata Bachat Gat. A monthly savings amount of Rs 100 and a fine of Rs 50 was decided upon by the members for the functioning of the group.

Book Keeping Training


training session for Book Keeping was conducted for 2 SHGs in Wada Block wherein women were taught basic book keeping in order to keep records of financial transactions which is the essential part of accounting in business operations. Around 11 women participated in the training.

Jute Bag Training


training session was held in the nearby village wherein the women were allotted stitching machines and were trained to make jute bags. Around 15 to 20 women actively participated in the training session and created some well-made hand bags out of jute. This training session was part of the income generation activity wherein the women were empowered to create income opportunities for themselves and be self-dependent.

Arogya Melava


n Arogya Melava was arranged last month to spread awareness about health, hygiene and sanitation. SHG women and their children attended the program. Anganwadi teachers explained the importance of sanitation and hygiene in various innovative ways like the 7-step hand washing technique along simple Marathi songs. The program was conducted in Nane and Sange village of Wada Taluka. A total of 77 women participated in the two villages. A film on sanitation was shown at both the location. Also, many practical tips were given on maintaining hygiene like regular washing of hands.

Women empowerment is not only doing charity for education of women who are below poverty line but also taking care of them as any other individual. Women empowerment is very much important so that there’s no gender discrimination in the society. Here is a brief on different training programs conducted for women last month to enhance their skills and make them self-dependent.