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Animal Care

The scriptural tenets of the Vedas exort us to respect all forms of life. Upholding this, GEV is working steadily towards setting up exemplary animal care facilities. Cows form the basis of the Vedic sustainability model, for they empower the localized village-economy systems. At Govardhan Eco Village we believe that cow protection is not just about protecting cows from slaughter, but giving them due respect and love. It’s about expressing our gratitude for the wonderful gifts that cows have given to human society. GEV today boasts of a world class cow-barn, setting high standards for cow care. Extending this spirit, GEV has set up shelters for various animals such as dogs, donkeys, goats, sheep and many more. All these animals are well cared for with dietary specifications and medical treatment.

For more details about our Cow care initiatives please download our case study here.
Some key features are:

  • Scientifically proving the indispensable role of cows in local ecology
  • Showing the economic advantages of protecting cows
  • Proving the advantages of bull-based farming systems over tractors
  • Reviving localized village economic systems
  • Ecological and Economical benefit of cow dung and urine demonstrated
  • Successful cottage industry setup, which manufactures various traditional lifestyle products based on cow dung and urine

Summary of Welfare Activity Report

Monthly Activity Report – Nov 18