Arts, Handicrafts & Ayurveda

India is a land of rich culture that varies across its length and breadth. And much of its ancient heritage is preserved in its villages. With rural migration and changing cultural patterns, much of the rich tradition of India is slowly vanishing. To preserve this timeless heritage, GEV offers a space for various traditional art forms like Warli paintings, pottery, hand-looms, handicrafts etc. to flourish. GEV also has a team of artists who promote this traditional lifestyle through music and drama. Beginning with just 50 villages, GEV hopes to expand its activities through the entire state of Maharashtra.

Showcasing the utility of cows and the power of Ayurveda, GEV also manufactures a whole range of lifestyle products which include:

Anrag powder

  • A 100% chemical free bathing powder
  • Effective against dandruff and other skin diseases
  • Works as a bleaching agent and toner face pack
  • Provides relief from bad odor and makes skin softer

Tooth Powder

  • 100% natural powder to protects teeth and gums
  • Keeps mouth fresh
  • Gives protection from all oral diseases


  • For relief of muscular aches, sprains and headaches
  • Also effective for itching and insect bites


  • Health tablets made from Cow Urine
  • For relief from mental stress, skin diseases, liver
  • Problems, high blood pressure, bronchitis and cough


  • Effective for acidity, gastric troubles, indigestion & stomach aches

Hair Shampoo

  • Non-foaming chemical free shampoo
  • Eliminates dandruff
  • Prevents hair-loss and graying of hair
  • Gives a cool refreshing effect

Distilled cow urine

  • Increases the resistance of the body
  • Increases the life span & purifies the blood
  • Restores balance of the three-doshas
  • Reduces Fat

Incense sticks

  • Soothing chemical free natural fragrance
  • Drives away mosquitoes
  • Used for pujas

Cow-dung- patties

  • Used for Yajnas and other fire sacrifices
  • A natural mosquito-repellent

Summary of Welfare Activity Report

Monthly Activity Report – Nov 18