Getting to know Govardhan Ecovillage -

Getting to know Govardhan Ecovillage

As your car thread throughthe blue mist of the Sahyadris, you feel the the frenetic city and all it’spetty worries fall away. The majestic Kohoj fort peers down from the horizon,and you’re already entering a different time. It is hard to believe that atjust a 2-hour drive from Mumbai, life moves to a different rhythm and adifferent dream.
We welcome you toexperience a renewed sense of connection with yourself and with Nature at the lush85-Acre AyurYoga retreat and sustainable farming community of GovardhanEcovillage.

At Govardhan Ecovillage youwill experience life as a fusion of Vedic wisdom and modern science. You willdiscover a spiritual ecology, that lets you live in harmony with the earth. InVedic times, life was focused on service to the world and its inhabitants –both human and animal – not their exploitation. It is this spirit of empathythat lies at the heart of this retreat. GEV is now an award-winning ecocommunity, that you can visit and experience: a living example of sustainableand harmonious living.

Get in touch with you inner Yogi
Learn the secrets ofAshtang and Hatha Yoga from highly trained masters. Get the in-depth knowledgeof healthy eating, self-care through holistic-living, and meditation techniquesfrom the bhakti tradition. Discover well-being as a way of life.

Pure Ayurveda Living
Experience a snapshot ofthe possibilities of reconnecting with yourself with our daily programmes. Frompersonalised Ayurveda consultations, therapy, rejuvenating massages andunwinding at the pool to meditating in nature, at Ecovillage life is trulylived in the joyous moment.

Green Retreat
Try your hand at organicfarming or discover the joys of giving with our animal care programme. Ifyou’re a nature-lover then Ecovillage is a perfect place to experience the joysand wisdom of sustainable living.

So what are you waitingfor? Isn’t it time you packed your bags, left all of life’s baggage behind andescaped to Ecovillage?

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