Integrated Water Conservation

Water is the basis of sustenance for an entire community – for the farmers, animals, and for the environment. GEV’s water conservation project aims to ensure a reliable water source for a community by building water tanks, ponds, and restoring dried lakes for rainwater harvesting and groundwater recharge.

The ideal location of these bodies of water is identified after a thorough hydro-geological survey of a village. The next step is to ensure the quality of the groundwater. With no municipal sewage systems in many locations in rural India, there is a risk of sewage contaminating the groundwater. Hence there is a need to focus on water protection, along with water conservation, and implementing green sewage management technologies.

To implement this integrated approach of water conservation and protection, it is necessary to build community watersheds and avoid sewage management techniques that could potentially contaminate the groundwater. A model project was set up at GEV, which won the SKOCH Platinum Renaissance Award and Order-of- Merit for being rated among the highest scoring projects in India.

Summary of Welfare Activity Report

Monthly Activity Report – Nov 18