Programs at GEV -


Meditation and Mindfulness
Research showsmeditation stimulates compassion, kindness, generosity and forgiveness leadingto a state that is outward expression of our inner joy.

Introduction to Vedic cooking
TheBhagavad-Gita divides foods into 3 classes: those of quality of goodness, thoseof quality of passion, and those of the quality of ignorance.

Much Needed Digital Detox
This program helpsyou refrain from the use of all electronic devices with an opportunity toreduce stress, to focus on social interaction and to be mindful and present inthe current moment.

The Vrindavan Experience
Ten acres ofVrindavan forests, Govardhan parbat, 500 feet long Yamuna with ghats and SriMadan Mohan temple being built to rise to a height of 30 metres.

Environmental Sustainability
Experience ourwater conservation project, showcasing restoration of dried lakes, communityponds, rainwater harvesting and biodiversity park.

Organic Indigenous Farming
Listed asIndia’s Top 100 agricultural innovators, witness chemical free farming at GEVwith Vedic rainfall prediction and learn lunar plantation techniques.

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