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Social Responsibility

More than ever there is now a strong belief, that we can indeed unlock nature’s mysteries in this 21st century. Yet despite our improved lifestyles, deeper concerns continue to plague us. Prominent among these are the common themes of ecology and our relationship with the environment, such as:

  • Global warming
  • Global economic collapse
  • Peak oil/energy consumption
  • Urbanization and population
  • Global water crisis
  • Malnutrition and food security
  • The proliferation of nuclear weapons
  • War
  • Terrorism
  • Loss of biodiversity and species extinction

To find a solution to these crises, we must look beyond the current worldview. Traditional practices have much to offer in this regard, for they value the miracle of life and are rooted in the principle of humanity’s service to Mother Nature and to one

As the Native American proverb states: We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, but we borrow it from our Children. With this inspiration, GEV and its partners have created many community initiatives that we hope will bring in positive and long-lasting change for a better future.

Summary of Welfare Activity Report

Monthly Activity Report – Nov 18