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Vedic Cultural & Educational Centre

GEV is based on the sacred Vedic principles of bhakti-yoga. These principles create strong bonds between the community members, which inspires them to serve with a positive outlook.

Here an idyllic life has been woven to form a rich fabric of loving harmony and nurturing. The backbone behind all the GEV eco initiatives – such as water conservation, organic farming, alternative energy, cow protection, and rural development programs – are the people who live together in this community.

Ideology: The community development programs and environmentally sustainable initiatives at GEV are powered by the spiritual principles of harmony and respect, understanding that everything in Nature belongs to God and should be used in His service.

Therefore, God and His temple are the epicentre of all activities at GEV. With this culture of respect, everyone learns to see everything around them with a vision of love and gratitude, which then reflects in the way they treat those around them. A beautiful temple for Sri Sri Radha Krishna is being constructed. This temple will be a hub for cultural and educational activities for the entire region and therefore has been named the ‘Vedic Cultural & Educational Center.’ Some of the features of the project are:

  • Stone temple with ornate carvings around the dome of Krishna’s pastimes in Vrindavana
  • 40ft high, hand-carved stone structure
  • Bansi Paharpur pink sandstone
  • Temple hall capacity of more than 1000 people
  • Solid strand-woven bamboo flooring, covering 4500sqft of the temple hall

You could also participate in the project by contributing Rs 5,000 per sq.ft.

Please visit our donation link at:

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