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Vrindavan Biodiversity Park

GEV is a symbiosis of environmentally sustainable living and spiritual renaissance.For the devotees of Krishna, care for nature and the planet is not just ethical, it is a quintessential part of Vedic philosophy.

Inspiration: Vrindavana, the holy birthplace of Sri Krishna, represents the ideal ecological system where all the plants, herbs, trees, lakes, rivers, mountains, animals, birds, and even humans are luxuriantly thriving in perfect harmony with each other.There is no enmity – only a shared purpose of pleasing Krishna and creating the perfect atmosphere for His divine pastimes. Taking inspiration from the ublime and symbiotic biodiversity of Vrindavana, GEV is developing a ‘Vrindavana Biodiversity Park.’

Infrastructure: The Biodiversity Park will be landscaped on the theme of the 12 forests of Vraja. Govardhan Hill, along with several lakes, will grace the landscape and the river ‘Yamuna’ will meander gently through it. This initiative is supported by green technologies such as water harvesting, symbiotic waste recycling, alternative energies, green building technologies and so on, to ensure a minimum carbon footprint. Some of the features of the project include:

  • Ten acres landscaped as a replica of the original Vrindavana, a dense thicket with beautiful vegetation and trees
  • Hand-carved cobblestone, marble tiled pathway or a parikrama marg running for more than 2.5km and traversing through all the 12 forests of Vrindavana
  • Gathering spaces for talks about Krishna’s pastimes and kirtana in ghats, kunjas, vatas and samadhis
  • Sri Govardhan Hill with Radha Kund and Shyam Kund
  • Yamuna River, with five prominent ghats
  • Stone chatris or dome-shaped pavilions on the banks of the Yamuna

Summary of Welfare Activity Report

Monthly Activity Report – Nov 18