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Waste Management

Current waste management techniques like landfills and incinerators, were devised decades ago when the population density was relatively low. With rising population and steep rise in the volume of waste generated, conventional techniques are proving to be ineffective and ecologically disastrous. Despite the glaring ecological hazards posed by these techniques, they continue to prevail especially in third world nations. Separate segregation and recycling of waste, though a highly effective solution, is not being taken up on a wide-scale due to various technical and financial challenges they pose.

GEV has formulated and demonstrated an award-winning technique called “Symbiotic Recycling”, which harnesses nature’s inbuilt mechanism to utilize waste material from one process as a raw material for another process. In other words, what comes from nature in one form goes back to its proper place in nature in a different form after being processed and used.

For more details about the various waste management techniques employed at GEV, please download our case-study here.

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