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Women Empowerment

Along with economic improvements, determining the root causes of poor health and how to improve the quality of living, particularly for women, is also a focus. The Wadi initiative also ensured food security and the alleviation of poverty by empowering women.

The health activities were initiated through improvement in nutrition of the families.Eighteen families were promoted to grow vegetables in the Kitchen Garden. These Kitchen Gardens are setup right next to the residences of the families and utilize the waste water from the showers and kitchen to grow vegetables like brinjals, ladies finger, chillies, tomatos etc. This encourages the families to regularly eat fresh vegetables. A strong emphasis is placed on organizing women through the formation of self-help groups and improving their skills, such as organic gardening and paper bag manufacture, through training and exposure visits.

Twelve female self-help groups were formed with 119 members as part of the Wadi program. Regular field visits and raining camps were conducted on water chlorination, paper bag manufacture, organic kitchen gardening, water harvesting, floriculture, and forestry. The participating women gained confidence in their self-sufficiency and collective initiatives.

Summary of Welfare Activity Report

Monthly Activity Report – Nov 18