Certified Women’s Wellness Workshop (5 Days)

Certified Women’s Wellness Workshop

We understand how you feel after a day of rushing through your endless schedule, errands and exhaustive to-do list.God has gifted women with a natural instinct to serve others and multi-task but in return,you have little energy left for anything else.Although taking care of families and other responsibilities is fun and rewarding, because of tireless tasks and habits women are more likely to suffer from health issues.

It is said that ‘Healthy women are the cornerstone of the healthy societies’

Since time immemorial she has been playing the role of nurturing and nourishing the families and society at large,many times oblivious of her own self-care and health. It is a time to pause & introspect that in order to move towards the brighter and healthier future of the family and society,it is crucial to understand that addressing the overall well-being of women is very important

This is where Yoga can be an excellent self-care tool which bolsters physical & mental health and can ease the stress that often comes with the multiple hats women has to wear and revolve in all directions managing everything-home, family, kids, work, etc

Govardhan School of Yoga at Govardhan Eco Village presents an In-depth 6 Days residential Women’s Wellness workshop to gift you a practical and easy to implement tools to help you imbibe healthy rituals in your day-to-day lives.

Who should join this workshop :

  • Any women who want to learn about yoga and holistic methods to balance health and lifestyle
  • Every selfless woman who thinks they are too busy for Yoga. This workshop is specifically designed to also teach you quick personalized yoga sequences and breath works on your most busy days.
  • Women who want to develop healthy & optimistic self-care awareness.
  • Women who want to maximize their productivity in contributing not only towards family but also to the society.

Workshop Details :

  • Health Guide and comprehensive Asana Handbook for women for all the important stages of her life to help you adapt the modification of every practice that suits your needs and body type.
  • Take-Home well-crafted variety of Yoga lesson plans to guide & enhance your Home practice
  • A combination of well-structured theory as well as practice classes which includes asanas,pranayama,mudras,deep relaxation and meditation (Pancha-Kosha Sadhana for Women’s well-being)
  • Yoga practice for cycle of a Women’s life : From Menarche to Menopause,Yoga for Healthy menstrual period.
  • Yoga routine for Hormonal Balance
  • Ways to alleviate back pain & back care through Yoga
  • Guidelines on Weight Management
  • Immune Booster Yoga practice.
  • Chair Yoga for working women
  • Learn IRT & QRT (Instant & Quick Relaxation Techniques ) for your long busy days.
  • Yog Nidra – Art of releasing physical,mental and emotional stress.
  • Detox/yogic kriya practical sessions
  • Ideal Ashram set-up to develop mindfulness that helps you understand good dietary choice.
  • Kirtan Yoga,Group discussions,evening Yamuna aarti,nature walk,reflect and relax…

Come..Join..instigate positive change..Nourish yourself and bring your soul sister along too..!

06:00 A.M Wake Up
06:45 A.M Tea Time (herbal)
07.00 A.M Asana & Pranayama Session
09.30 A.M Brunch Prasadam
10.15 A.M Seva Time / Go-Seva
11:15 A.M Theory Class
12.00 A.M Relaxation Therapy (Yog Nidra)
12.45 P.M Herbal Tea / Drink
01.00 P.M Private one to one coaching / Consultation (optional) / Break
04.00 P.M Asana & Pranayam Session
05.30 P.M Dinner
07.30 P.M Satsang
09.00 P.M Rest

Gokul Single Housing

20 rooms on ground floor, 25 rooms on first floor

Housed in 2 double storied structures opposite the amenities center, the Single dorms have been custom designed to suit the requirements of western guests. With the view of farmlands one side and mountains on the other, these well ventilated single accommodation rooms offer comfort with privacy. Each room is equipped with a twin bed, a ceiling fan, a desk with chair, electric tea kettle, a closet with hangers, and a small room heater. Bed linens, pillow, blanket, and towels are provided. All the dorms in a floor are centred around a common hall and a courtyard that can serve as a nice sit out area. While one structure has 13 rooms on each floor the second structure comprises of 7 rooms on each floor. Each floor has a bath house with 5 bathrooms + toilet combined units. A total of 45 rooms and 20 bathroom + toilet combined units are available. We make every effort to house guests in single-gender areas; however, depending upon enrollment, some dorms may be coed.

Gokul Single Rooms— Shared Bath
A Gokul Single is a small private room with one bed and shared bath. They include a ceiling fan, a desk with chair, electric tea kettle, a closet with hangers, and a small room heater. Bed linens, pillow, blanket, and towels are provided. A hall bath located in each area is shared by guests – averaging 2 people per bathroom. We make every effort to house guests in single gender dorm areas; however, depending upon enrollment, some areas may be coed.

For bookings, you can drop us a note on yoga@ecovillage.org.in OR Call Us: +91 8451868193 / +91 9518386064

Course name Dates Days Accomodation Price
CERTIFIED WOMEN’S WELLNESS WORKSHOP 13 Mar-17 Mar 2019 05 Days Single Occupancy (Private Room) $ 110
Double Occupancy (Twin Sharing) $ 75
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