Greetings from Govardhan Ecovillage.

We understand it may be your very first time in India or if you are already well versed with the culture, then you may be enrolling for the first time in our Yoga program. Whichever stage you’re at, these guidelines will help you make the most of your training and experience here.

1. What are my options for arrival to and departure from Govardhan Ecovillage?

We have 2 options for your travel to Govardhan Ecovillage from the Mumbai international airport

1. Private cab costing approx. $40 each trip
2. Shared cabs and coach buses costing approx. $15 per person each trip

To co-ordinate your choice of pick up and drop facilities and to know the cost please email your flight details with arrival or local pick up details. If you need help regarding some hotel suggestions for your stay in Mumbai please write to us on contactus@ecovillage.org.in

Please write in the subject line GSY YTTC in your e-mail correspondence as we cater to many other guests for different retreats.

   2. Is Travel from airport cost included in the program fee?

Apart from YTTC & Yog Anubhuti Travel cost is NOT included in your program fees.

   3. Who is my contact in case I need help?

In case of any emergencies, flight delays, missed transportation OR if you are coming on your own and need guidance please call us on +91 8451868193 / +91 8291901166. (Whatsapp)

Govardhan Ecovillage Galtare
P.O. Hamrapur
Wada Taluka
Dist Palghar – 421303
Maharashtra, India

We are 90 km’s from the Mumbai International airport.

Email: contactus@ecovillage.org.in

4. Which Visa should I apply for?

Please have the following with you when you arrive for check-in: (Indian citizens are not required to provide this information) 3 copies each of your passport main page (the inside cover which has the passport number and photo and the page that has the Indian Visa). Please apply for TOURIST VISA and not EDUCATION VISA. (Use Address for your visa application as mentioned above in arrival details)

5. Is there a dress code or code of conduct I need to keep in mind?

Govardhan School of Yoga conducts a Yoga teacher training and Yoga programs in the spiritual ashram. It becomes our responsibility to respect the local tradition and customs by wearing modest clothing around the ashram. Modest and comfortable outfits are recommended. Allthough in Asana classes one can wear comfortable clothing.

NOTE: Dress code for Yajna and Fire sacrifice ceremony and final evaluation: modest plain white dress.

It is good to carry a shawl with you whenever you walk around the ashram or visit the temple.

6. What else do I need to keep in mind while preparing for my trip?

Carry along any medicines that you take on regular basis as the ashram is in a remote jungle location and it may take a while to bring any medicine from nearest chemist shop in the town.


Please note that only Vodafone network works the best here, so you may choose to carry a Vodafone SIM card for phones. We have limited Wi – Fi facility for you to stay connected.


It is advisable to clear all course fees dues before your arrival. However, due to some circumstances if you are paying your balance course fees upon arrival we request you to do so on the same day itself.

We accept cash, credit card and online payments.

There is NO ATM facility at the Govardhan Ecovillage (closet ATM is 8 km’s away). Please keep enough money to be able to make small purchases of your basic daily needs or for the Ayurveda centre.

We accept U.S. Dollars.

    4. What is the weather like at Govardhan Ecovillage

Months Low°C/°F Medium°C/°F High°C/°F
9-14 / 48-57 20-22 / 68-72 28-31 / 83-89
March – May
15-22 / 60-72 25-29 / 78-85 35-37 / 95-99
June – August
21-22 / 70-73 24-27 / 76-81 27-31 / 81-89
Sep – Oct
18-20 / 65-69 25 / 77 29-31 / 84-88

Must for Rainy season

An umbrella or rain-wear is necessary during the monsoon months (June to September). Preferably bring both umbrella (you can purchase here as well) and a rain coat.

    7. Is there a packing list I can refer to?

We have a basic store however it is advised to bring the following during your visit. Please keep the local season in mind while getting ready.

Footwear: It’s handy to have shoes that are easy to put on/take off, since you must remove them many times in a day. It’s better to have a couple of footwear options.

Yoga, Food Supplements, Toiletries: Yoga mats, Yoga books, gels, lotions, pain balms, soap and body products (natural and free from chemicals and detergents so as not to damage the delicate Eco-system). Insect repellents. Dry fruits, Nuts, Health Bars. (Only vegetarian foods are allowed in the ashram)

Flashlight: Handy but good flashlight and batteries are useful to walk to and from the Temple during wee hours of the day.

Reusable Water Bottle: It is handy to have your own water bottle. Filtered water is available and out of concern for the environment, disposable plastic bottles are avoidable.

And finally, most important – carry along an open mind and an open Heart.

Other Useful Information:

No product (s) made of or containing: meat, fish, or eggs is allowed in our premises. Smoking or chewing of paan, tobacco, gutka is prohibited. Consuming or having in possession alcoholic beverages while at the Ecovillage is prohibited.

All meals are vegetarian (no onion, garlic, mushrooms or meat served). Special requests (Jain, Vegan) or other diet restrictions must be intimated in advance.
Attendance in all sessions during your course including satsangh and seva is mandatory to qualify for final examination and certification.

We want your time at Govardhan School Of Yoga to be a beautiful experience – EVERY time.

We welcome and encourage your questions.