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Welcome to Govardhan Ecovillage

Govardhan Ecovillage is a spiritual oasis that illustrates the principles of ‘Simple Living & High Thinking’ – which is not just a principle but a way of life that has to be adapted in the current fast moving world to connect with our roots again to experience not just happiness but sheer bliss. We believe in the concept of service and preserving our mother earth for a better living for all.

The Ecovillage is situated amidst the lush green Sahyadri mountain ranges in Wada district, just a two hour drive from Mumbai. You can take a Yoga or Ayurveda course for a cause, contributing to our numerous initiatives in tribal welfare, women empowerment and supporting the community of kids in Lady Northcote Hindu Orphanage within our campus. The Ecovillage is equipped with large yoga studios, 94 eco stay rooms, swimming pool, Kerala Ayurveda Center, beautiful shelters for our cows and horses, and many more amenities ensuring a comfortable stay.

Humbled to be recognized by UNWTO for promoting sustainable tourism, Govardhan Ecovillage is a perfect place to find inner peace.

Visit us and explore our numerous offerings:

  • Traditional Ashtanga & Hatha Yoga Programs
  • Learning the basics of Organic Farming and Sustainable Living
  • Traditional Kerala Ayurveda Therapies and Packages
  • Helping Our Initiatives In Rural Healthcare & Education
  • Learning of Indian Vedic Culture through Vedanta
  • Sustainability programs and internships for Universities
Govardhan Ecovillage - Sattvic Treat for Pure Vegetarians

Govardhan Ecovillage is a model farm community and a wellness retreat that signifies the importance of living in harmony amongst ourselves and the nature. Being a community that adheres to the rules laid down by the nature, we thoroughly believe in vegetarianism and offer pure sattvic vegetarian food (no onion & garlic) to our beloved devotees and visitors. Being a ‘Pure Vegetarian Resort’ is one of our many USPs, which we take pride in. Today, more people have decided to go vegan for ethical, environmental or health reasons and adhering to this notion of being an animal and nature friendly retreat, we at Govardhan Ecovillage promote a sattvic vegetarian diet that not only fulfils your physical needs but also enlightens the sanctity within yourself.


Govardhan School Of Yoga
Govardhan - Ayurveda
Womens Wellness Workshop
Womens Wellness Workshop
The Vedic perspective teaches us that solutions to climate change lie in the understanding that we are entrusted the sacred care of Mother Earth and through this care we become the followers of true Dharma

– Radhanath Swami, Founder Govardhan Ecovillage

Getting There


Learn the secrets of Ashtang and Hatha Yoga from highly trained masters.


As you drive away from the city, a mere 108 kms from Mumbai, lies a world..


Govardhan Ecovillage is well connected by road from Mumbai, India’s financial capital.


“The GEV is a paradise in this world of conflict. Everyone here under the visionary guidance of Radhanath Swami is living a life of spiritual activation. The most important thing anyone can do is to dare to care about the happiness and wellbeing of others. This place is daring and caring. The best way to uplift our own life is to do all we can to uplift the lives of others. GEV teaches us all how to do that! With great love all is possible, all is God’s grace. God is great and God is love. All glories to Sri Krishna!”

Sharon Gannon, Co-Founder of Jivamukti Yoga.

“From the moment, I entered the grounds I was embraced by a sense of peace and welcome. A scientist at heart, I was engaged by the recycling and the way the cows and community work together.
A sacred place. Thank you for the blessing.”

Jewelnel Davis, University Chaplain & Director of the EarlHall Center at Columbia University

“This is really heaven on earth. Such dedication to turn vision into reality is rarely seen. No doubt, this will become a beacon of spiritual life for all of us. May the Lord continue to inspire you to evolve this place into a magical ‘Light House’.”

Vivek Vig, Former CEO, Citibank

“Our team from Bajaj Electricals visited GEV to contribute by planting trees and we returned with the gifts of learning how to remain humble, provide selfless service, contribute back to the environment. This interdependence needs to be cherished and celebrated. May we continue to partner with GEV for creating an enriching and sustainable society.”

Mr. Atul Sharma, Executive President & Head - Human Resources

“Amazing experience visiting here. It’s a beautiful place built with a vision. I am sure in near future it is going to be a major landmark of our country.”

Shyam Pathak, Famous TV & Theater Personality

“A short but educative, heart-warming, mind expanding, soul-electrifying, body relaxing stay. The thought for food and food for thought were supreme. Every activity in the ecovillage extended success and serenity. In an increasingly materialistic world this is an oasis of right action through right direction. The future of India, World and humanity rests on the shoulders of such initiatives.”

Dr. Manu Kothari, World-renowned Doctor

“An outstanding example of dedicated effort at using natures forces to enable man to live in harmony with her landscape. Mud stabilised blocks are energy efficient. SBT is low energy sewage treatment. All examples to be scaled up to enable India’s progress to be environmentally sustainable. Request to team with Forest Department to adopt Galtare/Nane villages to promote regeneration of forest and sustainable forest. I feel privileged.”

Praveen Pardeshi, Principal secretary Forest