Day Visit

A visit to the Govardhan Eco village is not just about having a fun outing. It’s about living a life close to nature and rediscovering your roots. Govardhan Eco village is nestled amidst the famous Sahyadri mountain range of India, which is one of the top ten Biodiversity hotspots in the world! A visitor at the Eco village can come here to explore the wide range of activities that we are into. Join us for a day tour where our tour guides will take you on an Edu-taining tour of the Eco village. Also get to know the philosophy behind the working of this community. A typical day visit has the following schedule.

7:00 AM – Asana Class and Pranayama
8:00 AM – Breakfast
9:30 AM – Yoga Nidra Relaxation Therapy
10:00 AM – Talk((JOSD / Vegeterinaism / Ecology)
10:40 AM – Nature Walk / Vrindavan Parikrama
12:00 PM – Temple Aarti
1:00 PM – 3:00 PM – Lunch Free Time
3:00 PM – Video Show
3:30 PM – Bhagavad Gita Class
4:15 PM – Asana Class & Pranayama
5:10 PM – Goseva Vrindavan 7 Temple Aarti
6:20 PM – Yamona Aarti

Charges: Rs. 600 per person
  • Children under 5 yrs are free.
  • Includes Breakfast and Lunch.
  • No rooms are provided for Day Visit.
  • Day Visit Timings – 8.00am to 4.30pm only.

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Our Organisation

Govardhan Ecovillage is a non-profit initiative founded by H.H. Radhanath Swami, a teacher of bhakti-yoga for over 40 years, and student of His Divine Grace A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, founder-acharya of the International Society for Krishna consciousness.

Govardhan Ecovillage Galtare, Hamrapur (P.O),
Wada (Taluka), Palghar (District) – 421303, Maharashtra, India (+91) 916-720-4666 (9AM–6PM).


Amazing experience visiting here. Its a beautiful place built with a vision. I am sure in near future it is going to be a major landmark of our country.
Shyam Pathak, Famous TV & Theater Personality

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